No Gym No Excuses
Unique Workout Themes

In order to provide a unique and engaging experience, I will be leading workouts that are based on my personal interests.  Don't worry.  Even if you don't share my passion for a given subject matter, all of the workouts are designed to be effective.  Plus, I will have enough enthusiasm and passion that you can feel free to borrow some from me.  

Unique Workout Themes: Animals, Computer Programming, Family, Ninjas, Rucking, SHTF / Prepping, Steampunk, Tribal, and last but not least ZOMBIES!


I've been a veterinarian since 1998.  I love animals and have lots of pets; therefore, you can expect to be doing Animal-Themed Workouts.  

Computer Programming

I was a computer science major in undergrad and have continued to tinker and play with new programming languages and environments when they are introduced.  You can expect to be doing some Computer Programming-Themed Workouts.


My family is my number one priority.  I have 5 children and a very patient wife who indulges my craziness.  Finding ways to inspire our youth and spend time together as a family is one of my focuses.  You can expect to be doing some Family-Themed Workouts.


I was a contestant on season 6 of American Ninja Warrior and have kept my training very similar since then.  You will be doing some Ninja-Themed Workouts.  Some will be based on the historical Ninja, some on the fictional Ninja, and some on my training routines for the television show American Ninja Warrior.


A ruck can be a noun meaning a rucksack aka backpack.  It can also be a verb meaning to move with a backpack.  I was introduced to Rucking when I trained for a GoRuck Challenge (google it) with a group from Crossfit.  It was great fun, great exercise, and great camaraderie.  You will be doing some Ruck-Themed Workouts.

SHTF / Prepping

Zombies (see below) and SHTF (google it) go hand in hand.  Surviving a real or fictional emergency or apocalypse is of interest to me; therefore, you can expect to be doing some SHTF-Themed Workouts.


I am a huge fan of Steampunk, also called Retrofuturism.  Google it.  All of my tattoos have steampunk elements; therefore, it is obviously of extreme interest to me.  You will be doing Steampunk-Themed Workouts.  Think gears, clockwork contraptions, and steam powered futuristic devices rooted in the past.


The other element that I incorporate into my tattoos is Tribal.  We're all One Tribe ya'll, according to The Black Eyed Peas.  I do believe that coming together as one people will help us all thrive and grow at all levels: individual, family, community, state, country, world.  You will be doing some Tribal-Themed Workouts.


My family and I will survive a fictional zombie apocalypse due to physical training and exercise routines.  Rule Number 1: Cardio according to the movie Zombieland.  I collect Zombie movies, toys, and books.  You will be doing some Zombie-Themed Workouts.