No Gym No Excuses
Nutrition Training

Understanding nutrition and nutritional recommendations can be very difficult. Food labels can be confusing.  You are constantly bombarded by fads and quick fixes: "NEVER Eat This" or "ONLY Eat That."  At No Gym, No Excuses we will help you make sense of these fads and come up with a sound program that works for you.

Dietary Fads all come and go because none of them are sustainable.  They are designed for quick fixes and to sell products for 4 or 6 week programs.  What you need is a sound nutritional program that is based in the real world.  We will help you set up a lifestyle of EATING healthy and not a few weeks of a fad DIET.

The cornerstone of a nutritional program is EATING and not starving yourself if you're trying to lose "weight" or gorging yourself if you're trying to "bulk up."  We will help you eat to meet your true goals of losing fat or gaining muscle and not just watching to number on your bathroom scales go up or down.