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"This Site Is Still Under Construction.  The Program is scheduled to be rolled out in early 2016.  Please browse around, and I hope you find some useful information."

No Gym?  No excuses is unlike other training programs.  We have found the balance between personalized training and assessments, group bootcamp dynamics, and combined it with uniquely themed workouts that incorporate our personal interests to make working out, learning about nutrition, and developing your personal motivation fun and rewarding. This exciting system is a personalized, outdoor fitness and nutrition, group/bootcamp program.  After an initial assessment, most exercises can be scaled to your individual fitness level, so you can get the benefits of a personalized training program combined with the fun, energy, and cost savings of a group program.  The cornerstone of your program is a one to two hour Initial Personal Assessment as well as periodic assessments will help you monitor your progress.  We will keep the program customized to your personal level of fitness and help to make sure you continue to meet your personal goals.  We aim  to help you with total fitness and nutrition.  Information will be shared on complete physical fitness, positive psychology and motivation, as well as nutrition as we recognize that a Total Approach is needed.  

At an initial consultation we will go over the program and help you decide if No Gym, No Excuses is going to be best for you.  We will review the No Gym, No Excuses Handbook so you know what to expect, the time and money commitments, and the paperwork.  If you are over 69 you will need to have a safety medical release form completed by a physician before you formally begin.  If you are between the ages of 15 and 69 you will need to have a safety medical release form completed by a physician if you answer Yes to any of the medical questions.

About Me

My name is Jeffrey A. Mills.  I have a wonderful wife, 5 children, and too many pets to count.  I majored in computer science in undergrad and then went to veterinary school.  I focused on academics and pizza for most of my life, so by my mid-thirties I was weighing in at around 190 lbs, which is a lot for someone who is only 5' 6" tall.  I began working out, lost weight, got strong, competed on American Ninja Warrior, became a Certified Fitness Trainer, and founded the No Gym, No Excuses Total Fitness and Nutrition outdoor, group training program.  [More...]

Unique Workout Themes

In order to provide a unique and engaging experience, I will be leading workouts that are based on my personal interests.  Don't worry.  Even if you don't share my passion for a given subject matter, all of the workouts are designed to be effective.  Plus, I will have enough enthusiasm and passion that you can feel free to borrow some from me.  Unique Workout Themes: Animals, Computer Programming, Family, Ninjas, Rucking, SHTF / Prepping, Steampunk, Tribal, and last but not least ZOMBIES!   [More...]

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are the foundation to all of your workouts.  In simplest terms, bodyweight exercises are those that use your own body for resistance and do not rely on extra equipment such as dumbbells, weight machines, treadmills, etc.  The fact that they don't require specialized equipment is one of their main advantages.  You can basically do them anywhere, anytime with little set up.  They are obviously a great choice for our No Gym, No Excuses program.  Another advantage is that they can be used in strength programs or in cardio programs.  We can use them to help your meet your personalized training goals.  After your assessment you will be able to adjust the bootcamp sessions if needed to help attain your individual goals.  [More...]

Group Bootcamp Dynamic 

A group, bootcamp dynamic provides many benefits.  Don't worry if you're concerned that you won't get the attention you need to meet your personal goals, as that is the purpose of the detailed Personalized Assessment.  At No Gym, No Excuses we are able to keep the costs of continuing workouts affordable by splitting the cost between the members of the group.  An hour of bootcamp training is much more affordable for most people than an hour of Individual Personal Training.  Being in a group environment will help to hold you accountable.  You will want to show up.  You will want to be on time.  You will want to give it all you've got. [More...]

Personalized Training and Assessment

Your Personalized Assessment and individualized training prescription are two of the cornerstones of the No Gym, No Excuses Program.  While the main workouts are done in a group bootcamp environment, you will begin with a very thorough individual assessment where we can make sure that you are able to meet your personal goals while participating in a group workout.  Here are some components of your personalized assessment . [More...]

Personal Motivation - Positive Psychology

Maintaining a positive attitude and personal motivation is perhaps the most important element of any training program.  At No Gym, No Excuses we recognize this and will make a concerted effort to keep things positive, upbeat, and personally motivating.  It will do no good to offer you the best assessments and training plans if you lose motivation and quit.  [More...]

Nutrition Training

Understanding nutrition and nutritional recommendations can be very difficult. Food labels can be confusing.  You are constantly bombarded by fads and quick fixes: "NEVER Eat This" or "ONLY Eat That."  At No Gym, No Excuses we will help you make sense of these fads and come up with a sound program that works for you.  [More...]

Fun and Games

Having Fun and Playing Games will help to prevent boredom.  Boredom is one of the number one causes of de-motivation, which leads to people dropping out of exercise programs and returning to their former, bad habits.  You don't like your former, bad habits; that's why you reached out to No Gym, No Excuses!  [More...]

Field Trips

Going on a field trip is a great team building exercise, whether it's with your family or with your bootcamp exercise group, No Gym, No Excuses!  I recommend a field trip at least once a month.  Here are some Field Trip Ideas... [More]

No Gym, No Excuses
No Gym, No Excuses

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